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Gutter Cleaning

Avoid damage to your gutters from clogged or blocked drains

Blocked gutters and down pipes cause water to build up and overflow. The weight can also cause permanent damage.

Here at Power and Keane we use three different methods of gutter cleaning techniques.


 Following is a brief description for each, 


  • Sky Vac system, for buildings that have a steep roof pitch or no suitable anchor systems we use a vacuum based system which sucks debris out of the gutter line.

  • Fall Restraint, for buildings that have certified anchor points we use our roof harness kit  to work under fall restraint and clean out the gutters by hand, removing all debris. One staff member on site has to be holding a working at heights qualification.

  • Ladder Work, this is the least desirable method used to clean gutters but in some cases is the only practical solution. (Note all ladder work must be compliant to health and safety regulations)   


The 'SkyVac'

Power&Keane uses the new state of the art 'SkyVac' external gutter cleaning system, it is a safe, efficient way of clearing out gutters with no mess. The SkyVac system is also a more affordable way of gutter cleaning, due to not needing any scaffolding or cherry-pickers to get to the height of the gutters. 

Part of this leading technology is a built in camera that captures the gutter as the device is working it's magic. We can share the footage with you after the clean so that you can see what cleaning has been done on your gutters.