Residential and Commercial Exterior Building Cleaning

Expert service you can trust across the Greater Wellington region and beyond

Commercial Cleaning 

Let us help maintain your building’s exterior for a pristine first impression

Commercial spaces require professional-grade equipment and the ability to effectively cover large areas at a time. Power&Keane have the right equipment, techniques and experience to leave your business at its very best.​

With a background in quantity surveying and building, we are commercially-minded and understand the needs and requirements of property maintenance. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed with our excellent commercial cleaning services.

Multi-Level Building Wash

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Power&Keane are experts in cleaning multi-level building efficiently, safely and effectively. With the training and certifications required, we can wash large and multi-level buildings to the best result across all surface


Window Cleaning

Starting at a basic exterior window scrub and rinse, we offer different levels of window cleaning to suit your needs.

Having your windows and glass professionally cleaned, polished and dried will leave your building looking sparkling clean, and prevents build up of dirt or mould over time

Roof Treatment

Our experienced professionals are experts in cleaning any mould, mildew or lichen off your roof to prevent any damage and leaving it looking like new. 

We are appropriately insured and height safety trained to get the job done to our professional standard.

Gutter Cleaning

Our experienced professional can thoroughly and safely  clean your gutters. 

Blocked gutters and down pipes cause water to build up and overflow. The weight can also cause permanent damage.

Lawn Mowing and Weed Spraying

Along with having a well maintained clean building, it is important to maintain your lawns to keep your whole property looking it's best.

Weeds, whether on the lawn, garden or in general around paths, pavers and driveways, weeds make a well-manicured lawn and attractive gardens appear untidy and unmaintained. 

Surface Cleaning

Graffiti Removal

Free No Obligation Quotes

We welcome enquiries from all property managers wanting competitive pricing for Schools, Retirement villages, Factories and Government/Council work etc.

Our experts can quickly and efficiently remove graffiti from your property and assets.

We use safe chemicals that will not strip off paint or and does not leave any mess or trace of vandalism.